The security of a Grundfos service contract

Arla Foods is one of the world’s leading and most innovative dairy companies. It does business in 120 countries worldwide. Arla is the largest dairy company in Europe. It is owned by the 17,000 milk producers in Denmark and Sweden who supply the company with milk.

The Situation

In Holstebro, Denmark, Arla uses approximately 40 pumps to supply and circulate water and remove wastewater at the dairy.

Like many industries, Food and Beverages and dairy production depend on reliable equipment and constant production.

Sudden breakdowns, waiting for repairs, in fact any kind of downtime are very bad for business!

Arla has expert engineers in dairy production. But they do not have the same expertise in pump systems.

The Grundfos Solution

Grundfos is the expert in pump systems. The company has one of the widest product ranges of any pump manufacturer and has focussed on reliability for many years.

Grundfos maintenance engineers are the best people to look after Grundfos pumps.

But Grundfos does more to ensure constant production. Grundfos provides Arla with a 5-year service contract on 50 pumps. The contract covers a yearly check and all maintenance required.

First, Grundfos carried out an inspection of the pump installation: an analysis of energy consumption, which types of pumps were being used for different tasks, as well as an assessment of the condition of each individual pump. Then, Grundfos recommended the replacement of unreliable or inefficient pumps.

The service contract was tailored to fit Arla’s requirements: The preventive maintenance inspection is yearly and covers all pumps – even those that are not Grundfos pumps.

The Outcome

“Our cooperation with Grundfos has been very good. We are extremely satisfied. However, a service contract is not something we think about all the time. It’s just there. It’s like an insurance policy that is just lying in your drawer until the day you have an accident.

The less you see of it, the better,” Erik Lund concludes.