ALPHA3 creates more value for customers

Grundfos has a new ace up its sleeve. ALPHA3 is hitting the market. The new energy efficient circulation pump will initially be launched in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The pump builds on the proven technology of its ALPHA2 predecessor, which has excellent energy efficiency and reliability. The key improvements are to be found in the areas of electronics and software.

An ALPHA Reader has been developed for ALPHA3, which works with the Grundfos GO Balance app to make it easier for the installer to configure the customer's heating systems – to avoid energy waste and reduce any noise. This is called hydronic balancing, and will initially target radiator systems. For non-optimised systems this means that further reductions can be achieved in the pump energy requirement and heating consumption. This makes ALPHA3 a unique product in the small circulation pump segment.

From mid-2016 it will also be possible to do the same with underfloor heating systems.

"We have already come a long way in terms of pump energy efficiency. We are therefore focusing on making it possible to exploit the advanced electronics in the pump in a simple way. It will be easier for installers to help end users get the best from their pump in the system through a better overview of the data sent from the pump during operation via ALPHA reader. This makes it far more efficient and simple for the installer to find optimal solutions and offer their customers even better service," explains Michael Skjoldemose, Global Product Manager and part of the team behind ALPHA3.

With ALPHA3, installers can optimise their customers' systems using nothing more than an ALPHA Reader, a smart phone and the Grundfos GO Balance app. Data from the pump is communicated via ALPHA Reader, and the installer is guided through the simple and quick configuration of the system.

The pump will initially be launched in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where the possibility of energy optimised balancing is particularly important. For example, in Germany, it is a regulatory requirement that hydronic balancing be performed in order to be eligible for a subsidy. This is one of the things that make the pump highly popular.

"Even before the sales launch, a large number of the new ALPHA3 pumps have been pre-ordered, and our market indicators make us optimistic about achieving good sales," says Justinas Amelinas, Business Development Manager, Building Services EMEA.

In addition to the intelligent software, the pump is still at the cutting edge of energy efficiency. With an energy efficiency index (EEI) of 0.15, it is ahead of competitors and easily fulfils the EU's energy efficiency requirements.

The pump will be released in more European markets during 2016.

Learn more about the ALPHA3 here.