Danish water-alliance solves problems in the US

A new partnership is ready to strengthen Danish water technology in the United States. Water Technology Alliance (WTA) is an initiative spearheaded by the Danish Foreign Ministry, Industriens Fond, leading Danish water utilities and a number of companies, including Grundfos.

Denmark is renowned for its green enterprises and Danish water technology is held at high  esteem in the entire world. For instance in the US, a giant country battle several water issues, for instance drought in the state of California. Here there is a need for both energy efficient and water saving solutions to the utilities.

“Water and wastewater alike has developed into critical challenges in the US. With the formation of the WTA we support the Danish water industry in the efforts to break through here. It is our firm belief that cooperation between American water utilities and the Danish water industry will flourish and can mutually benefit from the efforts done through the alliance,” says Jakob Andersen, Danish Consul General in Chicago.

Broad selection
As a public-private partnership, covering both utilities and corporations, the WTA draws on many different areas of expertise, when the water solutions are introduced across the Atlantic. These attributes fit Grundfos as well.

“We have a broad range of solutions, which are interesting in both water distribution and wastewater management. A common trait of theirs is that we’ve paid much attention to water- and energy efficiency developing them. We are eager to take part in this collaboration, and we are happy to be given an opportunity to do an even bigger difference in the United States,” says Kenth Hvid Nielsen, Group Vice President at Grundfos.

Grundfos’ product portfolio covers a broad spectrum within water and wastewater, including raw water intake, treatment and distribution of drinking water as well as handling and treatment of wastewater.

In addition to Grundfos, Aarhus Vand, Danfoss, DHI, Kamstrup, Rambøll Biometrics, Smith Innovation, Skytem and Leif Koch are partners in the alliance.