Employees save water all around the world

A 50 per cent water reduction. You can actually achieve as much as that, by installing a simple device in your tap. The so-called water saving aerator is the pivotal point in Grundfos’ hunt for reducing the water consumption, and when all companies in the Grundfos Group have installed the small water saver, it will result in a reduction of four per cent of Grundfos’ total water consumption.

But it does not stop here. Almost 19,000 employees, who work at Grundfos, will be able to buy a water saving aerator for their home, and save 50 per cent on their own water bill.

- I think it is amazing that both Grundfos and the employees by means of a very simple solution, can save water, and the support for the project has been great, says Sustainability Project Consultant Vibeke Tuxen.

The profit from selling aerators will go to the employee program Water2Life’s work with providing citizens in Vietnamese villages with clean water. Before the sale of the water saving aerator started, the employees had already collected enough money for two water systems in Vietnam, and Vibeke Tuxen hopes that sales of the aerator will go so well, that another village can be provided with clean water.

- We hope to sell 5,000 water saving aerators, and if we achieve that goal, we are more than satisfied, says Vibeke Tuxen and tells that employees can buy the water saving aerators until 4 April.

The sale of aerators is part of the campaign Think Water Wise where Grundfos among other things tells the employees about the world’s water challenges.