Green initiatives have an impact

Along with a delegation of European business executives, Connie Hedegaard visited Grundfos in Bjerringbro, Denmark on April 8th. The visit was in order to learn, how companies can contribute to making EU capable of reaching its green ambitions and at the same time do profitable business.

Connie Hedegaard expressed that it was a great pleasure to visit Grundfos and explained why:
- Here energy efficiency is not only something they talk about in top management – they practice it.

Action is necessary
She emphasized that even though the EU is going through a crisis, it is more important than ever to focus on reducing energy consumption – among other things because Europe is getting increasingly dependent on energy supply from outside. This makes it necessary to act now, according to the Commissioner:
- The most intelligent thing, we can do in the EU, is what Grundfos does. It is about finding the innovative, intelligent solutions and share them, she said and emphasized, it is important that more companies follow the examples, which are to be found in the business world.

Known technology reaches a long way
Group President Carsten Bjerg is pleased, that Grundfos’ initiatives have an impact in the EU.
- For Grundfos the most important thing is that we can help Connie Hedegaard and the EU to spread a positive message, he says.

During the visit he spoke about how social responsibility is a tradition at Grundfos, and about the company’s prioritization of minimizing its energy consumption – not only the energy, used by the products, but the energy used to manufacture the products as well.
- In Grundfos it is something, we all contribute to in our everyday activities, and in addition, minimizing the energy consumption is an important reason of ours to spend resources in developing products, he explained.

Carsten Bjerg emphasized the fact that pumps account for 10 per cent of the world’s energy consumption, which can be reduced by 40 per cent by using known technology exclusively.

Inspire new initiatives
During a subsequent guided tour of the production and a new Energy Central, which is established in co-operation with the district heating station in Bjerringbro, a number of examples were presented of how the energy consumption can be reduced by using known technologies.

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