Grundfos event in the European Parliament a great success!

"If we only talked business we would not try to set a green climate agenda. The deterioration of the climate will, among other problems, mean that huge amounts of water has to be moved resulting in a huge request for pumps. This mindset is irresponsible and totally incompatible with Grundfos' views and values."

This was Carsten Bjerg's concluding remark at the climate debate in the European Parliament.

Before that, a number of leading players from business, the European Commission and the European Parliament offered suggestions as to how future challenges may be solved.

"What happens here today is extraordinary. I have never experienced such an atmosphere of optimism and commitment at this kind of event," said MEP, Peter Liese enthusiastically.

Grundfos is ahead
The meeting was arranged on Grundfos' initiative and Grundfos had a great impact on the course of the debate, focusing on the future Motor Directive.

Grundfos ensured the regulations of the directive are sufficiently strict to be able to make a difference. For instance, the regulations for electric motors will be tightened so that the resulting energy savings will mean the annual carbon oxide emission will be reduced by 63m metric tons in 2020.

The Directive is divided in three phases and the first phase will be initiated in June 2011. The regulations will continue to tighten towards 2020. Grundfos already meets the 2011 demands and Grundfos products already meet the demands of the next step.