Grundfos has entered the Serbian handball-arenas

Exactly as it is the case for the handball-teams, who these days are fighting to conquer the throne in European Women’s handball, Grundfos also wants to be on the top of its game. That is one of the reasons why, Grundfos again is sponsoring the tournament, which is expected to be followed by roughly 400 million television viewers. The games are being held from 4-16 December, and the final is being played in Belgrade.

However, it is not only in front of the cameras, Grundfos has found a prominent place – the company is also making a difference behind the scenes.

In every arena, Grundfos-products can be found – in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Vrsac and Nis - for instance in the heating- and cooling systems, making sure the conditions are optimal in the arenas. In addition, Grundfos-pumps are keeping the hot water running in the arenas.
Roughly 70 different Grundfos-pumps can be found around the hosting-facilities.

Also at the spectator’s stands, Grundfos is getting through. 70 Serbian Grundfos-employees were present, when the hosting nation yesterday kicked off against favourites, Norway – complete with T-shirts with the writing: “Hello from Grundfos Serbia”.