Grundfos hosting international water conference

With the headline of "Partners in Water Supply" the conference will focus on trends and problems in the water-supply business as well as discuss technologies and initiatives which could improve the water supply and make it more efficient.

The participants of the conference include representatives of Vivendi, Azurix, and Thames Water, all big private and internationally active water-supply companies, of which Tames Water alone, with more than 14,000 staff, supplies water to more than 21m people in 20 countries.

In addition to water-supply companies participants include consultancy firms (such as COWI and Carl Bro of Denmark and Dutch KIWA), as well as representatives of various professional and industrial bodies.

"Due to the big and continuous increase in population, the lack of fresh water and the pollution of existing water resources are particularly big problems for the environment and so the world is facing a very big challenge. As the supplier of pumping systems for a number of purposes, Grundfos is naturally interested in finding and developing efficient and viable solutions for everybody's benefit. This requires close co-operation between several parties and so the conference is primarily an invitation to the necessary dialogue as well as an incentive to the generating of ideas," says Keld Fensten Madsen, Grundfos.