Grundfos motors achieve world-class rating

Reliable, customizable and energy efficient. Three words, which can easily connect to the MGE-motors from Grundfos. Since the introduction in 2013, the motors have set the standard in the business, and just recently, the updated version has raised the bar even higher. Their energy efficient attributes, including the frequency converter, have made it possible for the motors to exceed the more common IE4 level, and can now be marked IE5, the highest energy efficiency level worldwide for electrical motors.

“We have managed to accumulate all our experience in the software to create a top shelve product, and when put together with the reliability of it, this provide more, great selling points, for instance by reducing the payback time of an e-pump. This is an important achievement. In combination with our pumps, these motors can give our customers an unsurpassed level of efficiency,” says Kim Jensen, Regional Managing Director for EMEA in Grundfos.

The MGE-motors are equipped with state-of-the-art intelligent components, which allows it to adapt to the system, it is part of and drive down energy consumption. Along with other energy saving creations as for instance, a permanent magnet synchronous motor and a high efficiency frequency converter, this puts the motors at the top of their class.

The IE5 level has been attained by all MGE-motors in the range from 0.75 to 11 kW, and will come into effect by January 1st 2017.