Grundfos position on COVID-19 vaccines

The health, safety and well-being of our employees is of the utmost importance. As an employer we care and have therefore done our best to ensure this has been at the forefront of all our precautionary efforts during the ongoing pandemic.

With vaccines now available in many parts of the world, we strongly encourage employees who are eligible, to get vaccinated. It is our firm belief that vaccines are a strong enabler for combatting COVID-19. At the same time, we fully respect that not all can go through with a vaccination. As an employer we will continue to ensure the necessary precautions are taken to prevent further spread of this virus.

Grundfos will not implement a global vaccine policy or put into place a mandate requiring employees to get vaccinated, even though Grundfos considers vaccines to be a critical tool to bring this pandemic under control.

In some countries, it may be a requirement for all, or some, employees to get vaccinated. In these cases, Grundfos supports such mandates.

Implementation of such country specific mandates will depend on local conditions and regulations. Grundfos will have a process in place to ensure enforcement and precautionary measures for those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons or similar.

Evaluation of our approach will be continuous.

Grundfos will continue to prioritise employees’ health, safety and well-being and look to implement precautions such as regular tests, face masks, remote work as appropriate, potential relocation or an alternative role if needed to protect employees and prevent further spread of the virus.

In the cases where employees refuse vaccination that is mandated by local regulations and requirements and precautionary methods such as regular testing, face masks or remote work is not possible, Grundfos will explore alternative employment or potential relocation, even though the existence of such alternatives cannot be guaranteed.