Grundfos takes a seat in the city of the future

The city has embarked on a journey to develop one of the world's most sustainable eco-city's. Masdar City is established by the government of Abu Dhabi to advance the development of renewable energy and clean-technology solutions in order to promote alternatives to the use of oil.

This is indeed the place to be, and Grundfos Gulf Distribution recently held an opening ceremony of its new Abu Dhabi Branch office located in Masdar City under the leadership of GME Managing Director, Henning Sandager.

“We are happy to have this new branch office in Masdar. The city is already well known in the Middle East for renewable energy and energy conservation projects and in Grundfos we also work towards the same goals through our pumping systems. We hope our association with Masdar will help in future business,” Henning Sandager said.

A good beginning
The new office is located in the first commercial building in Masdar City Freezone. The building is part of a clean-tech cluster, which hosts several innovative companies from all over the world.

“We are happy to have Grundfos inside Masdar City as the company is one of the global leaders in pumping systems. I am happy to inform that all the main pumps in the existing Masdar Institute Buildings are from Grundfos. We are also proud to have Grundfos Solar pumping system connected to the fountain inside Masdar City, which showcases Grundfos’ capability in the area of renewable energy. We hope to have more mutually beneficial projects in the future years to come”, said Christopher Sorensen, Head of Corporate Development and Strategic Partnerships in Masdar City.

The right place to be
At the formal opening, the ribbon cutting was carried out by Mr. Sorensen, alongside the Danish ambassador in United Arab Emirates, Poul Hoiness, and Carlo Prola, Grundfos Senior Vice President.

The ambassador pointed out, that the name Masdar is on everybody’s lips concerning solar energy, zero carbon and Energy conservation.

“I am happy that Grundfos have started their operations in Masdar. I feel it’s a good beginning after signing the Memorandum of Understanding between the Danish government and Masdar, where Grundfos was one of the few companies who were part of the agreement”, Poul Hoiness expressed.