Huge demand for the SOLOLIFT2

- The overwhelming response we got on the launch of SOLOLIFT2 is now turned into actual demand and sales, tells Ralf Schomäcker, Program Manager from Grundfos.

SOLOLIFT2 is the new compacted lifting station range from Grundfos to enable a drain of any single sanitary appliance up to a complete bathroom inside a building - wherever desired, independent from the gravity drain system.
This leads to an easy solution for a drain problem up to boundless freedom of scope regarding bathrooms and kitchens inside buildings, particular on retrofit installation.

- Next to the superior features each unit of the range comes with very carefully designed product quality, that has a very high impact to guarantee a reliable operation for many years. And that makes SOLOLIFT2 without any doubt to the most outstanding product range on the market, says Ralf Schomäcker.

And high quality is also in focus on the assembling process where computer controlled machines guarantee an absolute perfect and tight welding of the tank parts.
Furthermore will the final assembly also be controlled by special machines checking each product.