Making a city bloom

Irrigating this complex and varied landscape is no small task. Recently the City of Perth decided that the existing system – a mix of travelling irrigators and fixed in ground reticulation – was inefficient and wasteful. City councillors resolved that a vast underground system would be more efficient and less intrusive. They put the contract out to tender, subsequently awarding it to Grundfos dealer Water Dynamics (in conjunction with Grundfos).

Underground piping
The system installed comprises a Grundfos Hydro MF system using seven CRN-90-4 pumps controlled by a Hydro Pro PLC, complete with a 7.5” LCD touch screen, plus a submersible bore hole pump. The control system operates a variable speed lead pump, while the other six pumps have an electronic soft start. All have high efficiency motors. The system operates 8-10 hours a day as required, and always at night. There is more than 20 km of underground irrigation piping.

Cost effective
The million dollar foreshore irrigation system has been operating reliably for three years. A spokesperson for the City of Perth says the system is far more cost effective and less labour intensive than its forerunner and keeps Perth’s foreshore in pristine condition. He adds that as the system allows night watering, little water is lost through evaporation. So, with the help of Grundfos and an excellent irrigation system, Perth’s foreshore has become a model of efficiency, and jewel in the city’s crown.