Save up to 60 percent on operating costs with a Grundfos Pump Audit

Pumps are among the industrialised world’s biggest energy consumers, responsible for 10% of global electrical energy use. At the same time, most pumps waste energy due to incorrect sizing, lack of intelligent control, operation in an inefficient duty point or outdated technology.

- Pump Audits are one of our initiatives to help companies seize massive energy-saving opportunities, says Michael Laustsen, Application Manager at Grundfos.

Onsite and in-depth
During a Pump Audit a Grundfos sales and service engineer work in close cooperation with the pump operator.

- The audit involves an onsite inspection, measurement and diagnosis of the pumps installed. The sales engineer produces a report after the data is analysed. Among other factors, the report shows current annual energy consumption of the pumps along with a forecast of savings and payback time for any recommended new pumps and their control systems, explains Michael Laustsen.

Save up to 60 percent
Pump audits have produced tangible results for all types of customers. Many types of industries and water supply companies have cut their energy consumption by 40-60%. Their new pumps pay for themselves in little time.

- German brewery Pfungstädter reduced its pump operating costs by nearly two-thirds after a Grundfos Pump Audit revealed inefficiencies in its process cooling pumps. Hansol Paper, the biggest paper manufacturer in Korea, cut its annual pump operation costs by 40%. And Unilever Ice Cream UK has saved between 20-40% in operational costs after replacing its supply system pumps; payback time for the changeover ranged between three and 12 months, says Michael Laustsen.