Several new share holders in Grundfos

A total of 4,100 of the Group's 17,600 staff members have decided to invest in Grundfos shares. This is the biggest number ever and a little more than 500 more than at the latest offer in 2007. This is the positive result of the recently concluded share offer, at which staff were offered to buy shares in Grundfos Holding A/S.

- We are very pleased with the excellent sales and see it as an indication of staff's confidence in management being able to continuously develop the company. It is worth noticing that the sales took place at a time with great financial unrest, the Grundfos share is at the highest level ever, and the offer was launched during summer holidays, said Jens Mundbjerg, Partner in People & Strategy.

The shares are sold with 75 and 40 percent discount respectively and in addition it was possible to buy shares at the full price of DKK 662.08 per share.
- There was a limit to the total discount of DKK 60 million and this limit was reached. The main object of the share offer is to get more share holders and we succeeded in this, said Mr Mundbjerg.

A total of 46 countries participated and this makes it the largest offer in the company's history.
- Not until all those who ordered shares have paid for them, will it be possible to know precisely how many new share holders are now owners of part of the company. However, already now we know that the number of staff outside Denmark has increased considerably, Mr Mundbjerg concluded.