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Grundfos has various products with various functions and solutions, some of which are SE/SL pumps with Open S-Tube and LC 231 & LC 241 controllers.  

SE / SL Pumps with Open S-Tube

Popular for its trouble-free operations over a wide operating range, the Grundfos SE / SL pumps with Open S-Tube impellers are suitable to a network of applications such as drainage and surface water, and wastewater.

LC 231 and LC 241 Controllers

Offer easy connection to your pump via Grundfos GO making it easy to set up and configure your pump for a smart level control in your wastewater, building and tank applications.

With the LC 231 and LC 241 controllers, you will find the highlighted advantages for easy control of various pump products.

User-Friendly Interface

The LC 231 and LC 241 controllers have an easy-to-understand interface for all users, making it easy to use and quicker to start up.

Various benefits on the interface are as follows:

  1. Easy to read the tank level
  2. Featured with pump status for easy fault-finding
  3. Featured with manual pump control for easy pump handling
  4. Built in buzzer for audible alarm
  5. Easy to adjust level during run-in
  6. Fast and secure pairing with Grundfos GO via Bluetooth

Easy Commissioning

Allows you to save time efficiently, and with an open protocol of this controller for connection to any SCADA system, you are able to remote access your pumping stations.

Plus with Grundfos GO, you can easily set up and control your pumps and walk through the necessary steps, including advanced sensor setup.

Easy SCADA Integration

You can connect your LC 231/241 controller to advanced SCADA systems, bringing an array of benefits:

  • Your pump becomes an integrated part of a central system.
  • You can control the pump externally.
  • You can access all your LC controllers data which gives you an easy overview.
  • Relevant information such as alarms, levels, current, start/stop history and others can be obtained through one protocol.
  • It is not necessary to physically inspect every pump on site to obtain necessary information.


LC 231 and LC 241 controllers are suitable for many applications such as:

  • Wastewater transport
  • Mining and construction dewatering
  • Irrigation
  • Commercial buldings

Feature differences between the LC 231 and LC 241 controllers:

LC 231 Controller

  • Single phase and three phase are in one module
  • Available in direct-on-line (DOL) only
  • For 1 phase, it can only be applied with the built-in capacitor
  • Offers certified built-in motor protection and current measurement
  • No additional components other than the Communication Interface Module (CIM)

LC 241 Controller

  • Single phase and three phase are on different modules
  • Available in direct-on-line (DOL), star delta (SD) and soft starter (SS)
  • For 1 phase, equipped with a choice of capacitor and without capacitor
  • Motor protection with Thermal Overload Relay (TOR) component
  • Current measurement can be done with the addition of a current transformer (CT) module

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