An introduction to the ALPHA1 L circulator pump

Learn about the ALPHA1 L and the business opportunities that it brings to installers.

The ALPHA1 L from Grundfos adds to the ever-improving range of circulator pumps. In this module, we’re going to present the two business opportunities that come with an ALPHA1 L circulator pump, namely upgrades and replacements, while we’ll also highlight the vast range of benefits that the ALPHA1 L brings. But first, let’s briefly introduce the pump itself.

ALPHA1 can be used in boilers and as a stand-alone pump. It’s characterised by its compact, reliable, high-efficiency design and its compatibility with many heating installations that are already equipped with Grundfos pumps.

This allows you to easily replace broken pumps or upgrade old inefficient pumps with an ALPHA1 L, which in some cases could save homeowners more than €50 per year!
This brings us to our next point. As the ALPHA1 L can replace broken pumps and upgrade inefficient pumps, the groundwork has been laid for a vast range of benefits that this pump range brings to the installer. Let’s take a closer look at these: First, the ALPHA1 L is compatible with the majority of heating systems. Secondly, this compatibility reduces the installer’s need to carry excess spare stock in his van. And last but not least, it brings significant cost savings to the homeowner. These benefits apply both in pump replacement jobs or pump upgrades. So, let’s look at a few examples that highlight these benefits.
Imagine a scenario in which an installer receives a call from a customer to replace a broken pump or only the pump head with an ALPHA1 L. Thanks to the compatibility of the ALPHA1 L, he doesn’t need to bring excess spares. This saves both time, money and space. But that’s not all.

Another scenario could be that the installer pays a visit to one of his customers for yearly maintenance on the boiler. Well, during that same visit, he can offer the customer the chance to upgrade any old, inefficient Grundfos pumps to an ALPHA1 L.

Apart from benefitting the installer in terms of expanding business, it’s also worth pointing out to the homeowner that they’ll receive a far more efficient pump.
For instance, the average yearly electricity consumption for older circulator pumps such as Grundfos UPS lies at 290kWh, which corresponds to a yearly bill of €70. However, thanks to the state-of-the-art energy efficient motor in the ALPHA1 L, the average yearly electricity consumption drops to 50kWh, corresponding to a yearly bill of €12. This means that the homeowner can potentially save €58 a year. Ultimately, it’s a win-win scenario for both the installer and the homeowner.

And if that wasn’t enough, the ALPHA1 L even brings benefits for the wholesaler. His shelves comprise a similar story to the installer’s van in the sense that the fewer variants the better. That way, he avoids the risk of many pump variants collecting dust on his shelves.
So, that covers the benefits of the ALPHA1 L. Let’s recap.

There are two main business opportunites with the ALPHA1 L. Replacement of broken pumps and upgrade of old efficient pumps. The ALPHA1 L is compatible with the majority of old Grundfos circulator pumps installed in boilers as well as a stand-alone pump. It reduces the installer’s need to carry excess spares in his van, saving time, money and space. It also reduces the wholesaler’s need to carry excess variants. And finally, the efficient ALPHA1 L brings significant cost savings for the homeowner.

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