An introduction to the SPE submersible pump

Get a rundown of the SPE submersible pump and its features in this short introduction.

This module will introduce you to the SPE submersible pump, its applications, and the benefits of its MS6000P permanent magnet motor.

With the SPE, you get the best of two worlds. The proven reliability of the SP hydraulics is now available with the MS6000P permanent magnet motor, which will increase efficiency by up to 10%.

The SPE system consists of the energy-efficient, tried and tested SP hydraulics, the MS6000P permanent magnet motor and a CUE variable frequency drive with a sine wave filter.

The permanent magnet motor makes the SPE especially well-suited for use in applications where pumps operate many hours every day, use big motors or must adapt to variations in system demand.

In solar applications, where frequency converters are always used, it would also be more efficient to use the permanent magnet motor SPE.

The MS6000P permanent magnet motor is what truly sets the SPE apart. Let's take a look at an example in which a pump delivers a flow rate 40 m3/h and a pressure of 100 metres, using an 18.5 kW motor size. Assuming the pump is in operation 16 hours a day, using an SPE with a PM motor will save you up to 9,100 kWh every year compared to an SP with a standard asynchronous motor. Depending on the local energy price, this means that the payback time could be as low as 2 to 3 years.

Available in motor sizes up to 45 kW, the MS6000P comes with a tailored frequency drive that adjusts performance to system demand for best-in-class efficiency. The sine wave filter removes interference to ensure that the motor receives a pure sinusoidal signal from the variable frequency drive. This helps to extend the motor’s service life and eliminates the need to screen drop cables.
Made from stainless steel and with a built-in non-return valve and wear-resistant bearings, the SPE is as reliable as it is efficient. It is the submersible pump for a new generation – with a reliability that has been proven for decades in various applications.

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