How to select the right pump for boosting water from a water storage tank

Learn about boosting water from a water storage tank and what to consider to select the right pump for the job.

Water storage tanks are used to store water for domestic use. They are typically found in areas where a potable water source is not available in the community, the area yields little or no well water, and the groundwater quality is poor. Water storage tanks can also be used to store water as a supplement to a low yielding private water well, as an emergency supply, and for seasonal or occasional use.

Water storage tanks can be placed above or below the ground meaning that a booster pump sometimes will be installed above the tank with a negative inlet pressure. When that is the case, the pump must be self-priming to create the necessary suction. The booster pump for a water storage tank will often be installed outdoors and must be robust and able to handle the sun, rain, wind and dust.

Water storage tanks have fluctuating water levels, creating a need for a booster pump with dry-run protection. As water storage tanks can contain debris and impurities such as mud and leaves, we recommend installing a floating strainer that will ensure that impurities sink to the bottom, while the cleanest water at the top will be used. 

The pumps we recommend for boosting water from storage tanks are the Grundfos JET pump & booster, SCALA1 or SCALA2. 

The JET pump & booster will meet the basic requirements of boosting from a water storage tank as the booster has self-priming functionality and dry-run protection. However, it must be placed under a shed or lean-to and has a considerable noise-level when operating. For installations with no cover or in close proximity to the domestic building, we therefore recommend selecting the SCALA1, which has a significantly lower noise-level and is robust with the ability to withstand ambient temperatures of up to 55 °C and a pressure of up to 8 bar.

The SCALA1 also has a calendar function that allows you to schedule its operation making it perfect for boosting water into a garden irrigation system. The SCALA2 comes with all the same features as the SCALA1 except for the calendar function, and in addition it offers the even more advanced solution of perfect water pressure, meaning that the pump has a pressure equalising functionality ensuring the end user a stable water pressure at all times. 

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