Introduction to Grundfos Distributed Pumping

Get an introduction to Grundfos Distributed Pumping and how it improves performance of HVAC systems with an automatically balanced system at any load, significant energy savings and easy commissioning.

In this module, we will look at the benefits of Grundfos Distributed Pumping.

We will also explain why Distributed Pumping improves performance of HVAC systems. There are many considerations when designing a chilled water system for commercial buildings.

To cool a building, existing chilled water systems generally use large centralised pumps and chillers in the mechanical room for circulating water around the chilled water branch.

Regulating the flow due to the varying chilled water needs is traditionally done using balancing and control valves, typically located close to the terminal units.

Dynamic flow control done by valves throttle energy created by the primary and or secondary pumps.

Chilled water systems with big primary pumps, or primary/secondary pumps including valves, have been designed in this way for decades, where a huge amount of energy is wasted.

This means there is a tremendous energy saving potential...solved by distributed pumping.

However, there are issues shared by existing chilled water systems that lead to...excessive over-pumping, which wastes energy.

There is also a risk of reduced comfort.

One is commissioning and balancing, which is traditionally a time-consuming and tedious procedure, essential for ensuring a system operates to its highest potential.

The balancing process should be carried out periodically to ensure optimal building performance. Inadequate commissioning or balancing leads to poorly performing systems and excessive energy use.

And an incorrectly balanced system will result in terminal units receiving either more or less flow than necessary. This is especially apparent at part-load conditions, and results in less comfort and over-pumping the system, which equates with excessive energy use.This could also lead to low Delta T. But what if we design the system in a better way?

Our solution is Grundfos Distributed Pumping. By using smart pumps instead of valves, we use less energy while bringing more intelligence to your chilled water system. A Grundfos Distributed Pumping system...uses the maintenance-free wet runner MAGNA3 circulator with built-in variable speed control and non-return valves to prevent back flow.

The distributed pumps ensure optimum pressure and flow at each terminal unit at all times, due to an external temperature sensor in the airduct connected to the distributed pump.

This ensures the right flow at all times, by matching the actual heat load. This also allows the primary pumps managed by a new control logic to be significantly downsized, because of the distributed pumps.

This new design delivers perfect cooling comfort when and where it is needed within the building.

With Grundfos Distributed Pumping, you can cool your building more intelligently with less energy and achieve the following benefits:

 - An automatically balanced system at any load
 - Significant energy savings
 - Easy and fast commissioning
 - Improved indoor climate and comfort

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