35 - The role of pumps in cooling towers

This course will give you a thorough introduction to cooling towers and the pivotal role of pumps when used for cooling in industrial processes.

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Course overview

Modules: 4
Completion time
Completion time: 20 minutes
Difficulty level
Difficulty level: Intermediate

Course overview


An introduction to cooling towers

Discover the different types of cooling towers and how they're designed to cool large quantities of water that circulate in a cooling system.


How to energy-optimise a cooling tower

Learn how to easily energy-optimise your cooling tower and what this means for your entire system operation.


How to connect a Grundfos pump to a cooling tower

Discover how to set up your pump in Grundfos GO to ensure optimal operation of your pump and cooling tower according to your needs.


Water treatment in cooling towers

Gain insight into the importance of effectively treating make-up water and recirculation water in cooling tower operations and explore how intelligent solutions can optimise the water treatment process for enhanced performance.

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