Get an introduction to the SOLOLIFT2 WC-3 and discover the many advantages it brings.

The Grundfos Sololift2 WC-3 offers 360-degree vertical and horizontal discharge and inlet access for maximum flexibility – even when installing in confined spaces.

The heavy-duty waste processing component easily handles a variety of sanitary products that can cause problems for other units. Wet wipes, however, can be harmful to the pump.

Thanks to its special winding, the powerful motor delivers exceptional torque for robust and reliable performance.

The WC-3 features a pressure switch with no moving parts. It is easy-to-access and eliminates the need to disassemble the motor pump unit for servicing.

An optional easy-fit alarm sends an audible signal if a blockage is detected.

A flexible internal coupling reduces noise and vibrations and simplifies servicing.

If blockage should occur, a special de-blocking feature can often solve the problem – with no need to call a repairman.

And if servicing is required, an emergency draining system facilitates the servicing process.

In fact, the entire unit has been designed for easy access by service professionals. Best of all for installers, a single motor pump unit fits all Sololift2 models. Simply replacing this unit enables you to repair 99% of all potential issues.

It’s the Sololift2, WC-3. From Grundfos.

Course overview

Modules: 5
Completion time
Completion time: 20 minutes
Difficulty level
Difficulty level: Basic