How to avoid waiting for hot water: A guide for homeowners


Do you feel that your hot water is running too slowly as you wait for hot water? Whether it's for your morning shower or cooking needs, the delay can be both frustrating and wasteful. Luckily, we are Grundfos, a leader in home and garden products, and have a range of ingenious solutions that eliminate this hassle. In this step-by-step guide, we'll break down the concept of waiting for hot water and show you how Grundfos transforms this issue into a thing of the past.

Step 1: Recognizing the frustration

Imagine standing under the shower, shivering, waiting for the hot water to arrive. It is always so hard to predict when the water will be warm enough to step under the showerhead because of inconsistent hot water temperatures. You don’t need to waste any more time or water. There is a solution to this frustration, and we can help! 

Step 2: Unpacking the causes

Before we get to the solution, let's dig deeper and uncover why this problem exists. When determining what is causing your lack of instant hot water, two different scenarios need to be considered.

First, it could be that there is a large distance between your water heater and the faucet. Water that sits in your pipes has had time to cool off in between uses, so you have to wait for the water to heat up. 

Second, it could also be that you have an outdated plumbing system that includes a pump which no longer operates at high efficiency. You don’t have to settle for this kind of discomfort, but a few changes to your hot water system may be needed. 

Step 3: Introducing Grundfos' instant solution

Grundfos, a name synonymous with innovation, can help! It has focused on the problem of slow running hot water to create effective solutions for its customers. You no longer have to ask the question, “why is my hot water inconsistent”, since Grundfos’ hot water recirculation pumps are designed to keep the hot water flowing continuously. This ensures that hot water is instantly available when you need it with no waiting involved.

Step 4: Installing the solution

Curious about how you can install a hot water system into your home? With an understanding of return and supply pipes within your home water system, installation of a Grundfos recirculation pump is quite easy. 

However, not all homes are equipped with the proper setup to install this type of pump into their water systems. For this reason, it is Grundfos’ recommendation to contact a local installer to schedule a time for him/her to inspect your home. Once the inspection is complete, your new, hot water recirculation pump can be installed the same day!

Step 5: Experiencing multiple benefits  

But there's more to instant hot water than just convenience. By adding a Grundfos hot water recirculation pump to your home, you're also contributing to a greener lifestyle. Less water wastage means that you are doing your part to slow down the world’s water shortage crisis. A benefit you can also feel when you go to pay your water bill considering you can save up to 88% on your energy bill!

Get the comfort you deserve while helping the planet battle an ever-growing water crisis at the same time with the help of a Grundfos hot water recirculation pump!


The waiting game for hot water is officially over, thanks to Grundfos. By grasping the causes, welcoming its innovative solution, and understanding the benefits, you're well on your way to a more convenient and eco-friendly home. No more shivers in the shower or tapping your foot by the sink – with Grundfos, instant hot water is now a reality. Learn more about how to get hot water instantly in your home at Grundfos Home and Garden!