Are you wasting energy in your industrial processes?

Hard energy fact: Industrial processes leave zero room for error. Water and liquids need to be delivered at accurate, varying amounts – and even the smallest disruption can be costly. But due to poor control, they’re often set to run at full speed all the time, resulting in excessive energy consumption.

Intelligent answer: E-pumps and systems that can adjust to fluctuating flow and demand in real-time, improving accuracy and reliability and eliminating costly downtime.

These intelligent and energy-efficient solutions can help reduce energy use and lower carbon emissions – and ensure you don’t have to compromise on performance. In fact, we have cases where we have helped our customers reduce energy costs by up to 45%.12

Added savings through system optimisation

But there’s potential for even more. By applying one of our system optimisation services like an Energy Check or Energy Audit, you can achieve even higher savings. With an Energy Audit from Grundfos, you get a detailed, measurement-based analysis of your current pump performance along with suggestions for future energy savings and improved performance.

The service is based on specific pump performance measurements. During the audit, a Grundfos specialist measures values such as flow, energy consumption, pressure, temperature, and water levels as well as incident rates such as pump start/stop, and valve open/close.

The audit provides an assessment of the overall efficiency of the pumps and highlights where to improve efficiency. So whether it’s industrial cleaning, process liquids transfer or machining, we can help you reduce system stress, downtime, maintenance and system complexity while extending the life of your systems and lowering life-cycle costs.

Explore our benefits for industrial processes

Our intelligent e-pumps and solutions help optimise industrial processes. From quick and easy set-up to automatic adjustments and predictive maintenance, here’s a glimpse of what to expect.

Adjusts to demand

Variable frequency controlled pumps automatically adjust to water and liquid demands.

Easy to set up and maintain

Containerised, self-cleaning solutions can be installed quickly, minimising operational disruption.

Constant monitoring

Remote monitoring and data trending enable maintenance before breakdowns or downtime.

Soft drink manufacturer lowers energy costs by 45%

When Britvic needed to upgrade the water supply at its factory in Rugby, United Kingdom, a solution was needed that would deliver the correct, varying amounts of water at the right pressure and also reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

First, Grundfos energy optimisation experts carried out an Energy Audit at the Britvic facility to identify opportunities for improving energy efficiency.

Grundfos then supplied a customised solution that helped Britvic meet all of its targets: Water flow has increased by 70% while reducing energy costs by 45%. The energy savings amount to EUR 69,500 annually; as a result, Britvic will achieve ROI in less than two years.

The efficient pumping system helps Britvic meet energy targets and prepare for future growth as it can deliver flows of more than 400m3/h. Britvic has immediately improved the water supply with stable and constant pressure and can now monitor and trend flows to further improve operations.

The customer achieved

Energy costs reduced by 45%

Cost savings of almost 70,000 per year on energy

ROI in less than two years

The solutions we supplied to the customer

We designed and built a containerised solution that includes a booster system with 5 Grundfos CR XL 22kW multistage pumps in addition to a dosing and disinfection system for the water holding tanks and full, SCADA-compatible PLC control with remote access features. The built-in frequency drives continuously control pump speed, running each pump as efficiently as possible. The fully automated system ensures that production demands are met at all times with the lowest possible energy use.

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