Complicated selection, sizing or installations?

Selecting and sizing a booster pump can be difficult, time-consuming and complex to install. Wrong selection and sizing of components can lead to longer installation times and insufficient installations that are unable to meet the demand of the pressure boosting system.

Watch the video and see how you make better domestic pressure booster systems 

Selecting and sizing a booster pump – where to begin?

There are many different components involved in designing and building a domestic pressure boosting system. While it may seem obvious, some booster pumps work better than others in specific situations. It can be difficult to know which pump best meets the needs of your application and which components you require to build an optimally sized system. Wrong pump, tank or pressure controller selection can cause up to 4 hours lost time on re-sourcing the correct components. 

Long and complex installation

Traditional boosting systems can be complex. They consist of many different components, including expansion tanks, pumps, valves and control systems. All of these elements need to be built into one solution. Increased complexity means longer installation time and a higher risk of buying the wrong components. Time spent sourcing components or re-fitting pipes can increase installation time by up to 2 hours and incur additional costs for the customer, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and wasted business time. 

Limited installation space

Limited space is the most common issue when installing a boosting pump system. In most cases, this means having to extend the system to find alternative space or trying to fit it to the existing installation, which can be time-consuming, complex and create unhappy customers. Installing a booster system that does not fit the designated installation space can increase installation time by up to 2 hours and incur extra costs due to the additional piping and fittings required.

A compact, all-in-one solution 

The Grundfos SCALA pressure boosters are all-in-one solutions that integrate all components into one box. This compact solution makes installations quick and easy, saving you time to spend on other jobs. As a multi-purpose solution, they are built for every application and are ideal indoor and outdoor installation, making selection and sizing less complex than traditional boosting systems.

Quick and easy installations

As a fully integrated, all-in-one solution, our pumps can be installed in 3 easy steps:

  1. Connect the pipes: The adjustable inlet and outlet connections lets you easily move +/-5° to enable a quick installation. 
  2. Prime the pump: The large prime plug enables you to fill water quick and easy. You must fill the pump with a minimum of 1.7 litres of water.
  3. Plug the pump into the power outlet and the pump will activate. 

Check out our short SCALA2 installation tutorial to see how it works.

Are you in doubt if your installation is correct? Remember, you can always watch our Quick Guide that comes with the SCALA2 pump.

At default, SCALA2 will deliver a water pressure of 3 bar, regardless of inlet pressure and the number of open taps. Essentially, this rules out any commissioning time. 

For fast and easy commissioning of SCALA1, configure the pump with ease using the pump control panel. To get the most out of the pump, use the Grundfos GO REMOTE app and follow the guided online configuration.