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More than half of the energy we use for conventional heating and cooling is wasted. In a world where energy is a scarce resource, district energy offers great potential for a more rational use of energy. For communities seeking to promote economic growth while minimising the environmental consequences, district heating and district cooling systems offer a sensible choice. Find inspiration in our District Energy Application Guide.

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How to meet local conditions

The local conditions always define the preconditions for a district energy plant. In our guide, we describe what you need to consider for planning, design, construction and operation of district energy systems.

Urban benefits

Introducing a District Energy system enables societies to use surplus energy that is otherwise wasted. The more densely populated an area, the more efficiency that can be obtained from a district energy system.

The easier way to green energy

It is relatively easy to convert a large fossil fuel plant to renewable alternatives with district energy. And the difference is tangible: You go from 55% to 5% energy wasted as heat going into thin air.

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