Innovative hydraulics deliver reliable operation at lower total cost, meeting the challenges of urban wastewater

The pump is at the core of any wastewater network. Pump uptime and efficiency is vital for keeping total cost of ownership low and wastewater flow optimised while helping maintain the highest levels of performance. 

To meet the increasing complexity of urban wastewater, Grundfos has developed the Open S-tube® semi-open impeller, which provides high efficiency over a wide operating range. Open S-tube® impellers can be trimmed to meet a specific duty point and are the ideal solution for medium to extreme contamination of wastewater. This new hydraulic design increases the reliability and durability of the pumping solution, reduces operation and maintenance costs and helps the owner stay fully compliant with all regulatory demands. In addition, we now offer hydraulic parts executed in high chromium white iron. This ferrous alloy combination provides a very good wear resistance compared to other metallic materials and better abrasive resistance than cast iron.

Grundfos continues to develop and improve pump design to meet the ever-changing requirements of wastewater. Urban wastewater in particular is increasing in complexity, with components such as suspended solids, organic matter, oils and greases, fibres and polymers and other substances presenting new challenges. Moreover, extreme weather conditions increase the variation of rainfall and the chance of flooding.

For the new and innovative Open S-tube® impeller for SE/SL pumps, we have performed an extensive number of virtual tests to maintain the renowned levels of Grundfos quality and performance. In fact, we have conducted much more virtual testing than would ever be possible to do physically. And all our simulations have been validated using state-of-the-art physical tests. We follow-up component and product testing for functionality and durability with testing in challenging installations around the world prior to market release. 

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