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Installation and commissioning costs (CIN)

The calculation of lifecycle costs includes the cost of installing and commissioning a pump system. The processes covered by installation and commissioning costs include: 

    • Installing the pumps 

    • Foundation work (if necessary) 

    • Connecting electrical wiring and instrumentation 

    • Installing, connecting and setting up transmitters, frequency converters, etc. 

    • Connecting up to the building management system 

    • Performance evaluation at start-up 

Compared to other costs in a commercial building circulating pump system, installation and commissioning costs are often modest. However, there are certain trade-offs to consider. 

For example, in speed-controlled pumps many of the components do not need to be installed and commissioned separately because they are integrated in the pump motor and the pump itself. The higher initial cost of a speed-controlled pump is thus offset to some extent by lower installation and commissioning costs. 

The cost of installing and commissioning a speed-controlled pump is significantly reduced if all the components and software are integrated in a single unit. 

Grundfos service products include offerings for installing and commissioning a pump system in any application, including lifecycle cost calculations. 

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