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In MAGdrive pumps, magnets are used to drive the shaft and impellers in this product group within the Grundfos CR range of in-line multi-stage pumps. There is no physical connection between the pump and motor, allowing it to be hermetically sealed against leaks. 

This has made magnetically-driven pumps increasingly popular for transferring aggressive and toxic liquids. As shown on the illustration, the magnetic-driven pump is made of two groups of magnets; an inner magnet and an outer magnet. A non-magnetisable can separates these two groups of magnets. 

The can serves as a hermetically-sealed barrier between the liquid and the surroundings. As the illustration shows, the outer magnet is connected to the pump drive and the inner magnet is connected to the pump shaft. Hereby the torque from the pump drive is transmitted to the pump shaft. The pumped liquid serves as lubricant for the bearings in the pump. 

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