Energy optimisation services unlock a new level of energy and OPEX savings

Energy production accounts for 73% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.13 That makes it by far the sector with the largest greenhouse gas footprint.

To reduce the need for energy production, we need to do more with less, reducing energy consumption. Because we urgently need to tackle the climate crisis, and energy use is one of the most important aspects to deal with. That’s also why the ability to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions has become one of the main distinguishers in industry.

The challenge is that reductions often come at the expense of performance. But what if you could save energy and reduce operating costs and emissions while improving performance?

It’s possible if you find out exactly where to improve – and for pump systems, you can do that with our energy optimisation services. 

Often, upgrading your system and implementing newer, smarter and more efficient pumps can help reduce energy use, operating costs and carbon emissions. As a rule of thumb, it’s worth replacing pumps that are over 10 years old. In some cases, we’ve been able to help our customers save as much as 70% energy.14

But did you know that it’s possible to save even more by looking at the entire system and redesigning or optimising it? Sometimes, for example, it can be better to use four smaller pumps instead of three big ones. Even seemingly small changes have huge potential to save energy.

With our energy optimisation portfolio, we can help you find out exactly how much you can save. And on top of this, energy optimisation also helps improve reliability and extend the lifetime of both your pumps and your system. 

Explore our energy optimisation portfolio – and discover a world of energy savings

85% of the total life-cycle cost of a pump is spent on energy usage15, and inefficient pumps can waste a lot of energy and water. With our energy optimisation services, we can help you discover energy savings that go beyond simple pump replacements. By analysing your pumps and system setup, we can help you ensure that your pumps and systems are operating as efficiently as possible.

Identify potential energy savings with an Energy Check

The Energy Check is a detailed analysis of your current pump and system performance that will help identify potential energy savings and CO2 reductions. The Energy Check uses pump data taken from the nameplate. The flow, head and the pump’s motor power are included, along with the age of the pump and its operating hours. The advantage of the Energy Check lies in the quick process of gathering the necessary data to determine the potential savings. The final report identifies potential savings from switching to more energy-efficient pumps.

Get a precise savings estimation with an Energy Check Advanced

The Energy Check Advanced uses data on flow, head and the pump’s motor power, along with the age of the pump and its operating hours. The data is taken from the customer’s own measuring equipment, Building Management System, SCADA system or from spot measurements. The process is simple and quick, and one of the main advantages is that actual pump-related data is used, which gives a more precise look at energy-saving potential.

Get a comprehensive analysis of pump performance with an Energy Audit

An Energy Audit is the most comprehensive analysis we offer. The service is based on specific pump performance measurements. In an Energy Audit, measuring equipment is attached to the pump and surrounding pipework to monitor the activities of the pumping system. The audit assesses the efficiency of your pumps and pumping systems and proposes changes to improve efficiency. The whole system is audited to establish the full energy-saving potential. Final suggestions are based on calculations of potential savings, CO2 emission reductions and payback time on the investment.

Get predictive maintenance with Grundfos Machine Health

In addition to our energy optimisation services, our predictive maintenance solution Grundfos Machine Health can help you further reduce OPEX, downtime, and the need for maintenance – while increasing system reliability. Immediate, predictive insights allow you to pinpoint problems before they become costly failures. You can reduce unexpected mechanical breakdowns by up to 75% and prioritise, predict and plan maintenance, eliminating unexpected downtime.16

How our customers have saved energy and reduced costs with our energy optimisation services

We have already helped many customers save energy and reduce costs with our different energy optimisation services. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the customers we have helped. You can find more cases by exploring our cases section.

ECADEMY: Learn how to optimise your energy use

We’ve put together courses to help you optimise your pumps and systems. Find out if your current pumps should be replaced with more energy-efficient ones.

Our All-E industry approach

We’re taking an All-E approach, delivering intelligent, connected, energy-efficient e-pump solutions that can help industry reduce energy use, emissions and costs. Click below to learn more about our All-E approach and how you can start optimising your industrial processes.

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