Proven reliability in all wastewater conditions

Grundfos has extended the range of SL wastewater pumps with frame size 56 pumps in the sizes 18.5 kW to 41 kW, 50 Hz, capable of handling even larger flow rates than before. Targeted at 50 Hz markets, the larger pump range is developed to operate reliably and efficiently in even the toughest wastewater conditions, significantly reducing OPEX. Featuring the innovative Open S-tube® impeller hydraulics, the pump is ideal for pumping wastewater with medium to extreme concentrations of fibres and suspended solids. Thanks to its compact design, it easily replaces most wastewater pumps with a minimum of system adjustments required.

Watch the video to learn how the new wastewater pump range can help you reduce your operating costs and carbon footprint.

When it comes to wastewater pumps, reliability and efficiency are of the utmost importance. To ensure the highest operational efficiency, the new range of SL pumps are fitted with IE4 motor components and the innovative Open S-tube® impeller. Available in a wide range of material variants, such as cast iron, stainless steel and high chromium white iron, the pumps can be tailored to the specific environments in which they will be operating. Furthermore, the new range is developed through advanced computer simulations and has undergone extensive testing in laboratories as well as in real-life installations to make sure it can withstand the harsh conditions in modern wastewater applications. 

As water utility applications generally have significant maintenance needs, the extended range of SL pumps is designed with easy service in mind and includes easy-to-install components with fail-proof replacement, when required. The pumps are self-cleaning, meaning that they are able to handle fibres, solids and sludge in the water and continue operating, even in challenging conditions, and can be delivered with a with a full range of condition monitoring sensors, enabling you to perform preventative maintenance to prevent unexpected downtime, protect the pump and ensure a long life. 

The trimmable impellers make it easy to meet a specific duty point and to ensure high efficiency across the entire operating curve. With the special designed SmartTrim, the factory-set impeller clearance can be maintained simply by tightening the adjustment screws, with no need for dismantling the pump. 

Altogether, this significantly reduces maintenance costs, energy consumption and the total cost of ownership as well as your carbon footprint.

Less downtime, lower OPEX

Download our leaflet to learn more about how the new SE/SL frame size 56 wastewater pumps can help you reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption in your wastewater installation.

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