Vital donations to Corona fighting hospitals in Hungary and Ukraine


Grundfos supports hospitals in Hungary and Ukraine by donating medical equipment in the fight against Corona.

As the Corona pandemic is challenging societies around the world, Grundfos has decided to support hospitals with vital medical equipment to aid them in their fight against COVID-19.

Two respirators have been donated to Hungarian hospitals in the cities of Tatabánya and Székesfehérvár, and a dosing pump has been donated to a temporary hospital, built to assist the Hungarian health care system that is risking to become overwhelmed.

Also in Ukraine, donations have been made to support hospitals severely impacted by COVID-19. In the cities of Brovary and Zhmerynka, the hospitals are confronting a dire shortage of equipment, and have therefore received infrared thermometers, a suction machine, and two other medical devices requested by the health care workers of the hospitals.

József Jánvári, Area Manager Director in South East Europe, is glad that Grundfos is able to help in a time of crisis.

“We want to support wherever we can, and I truly believe that these donations can make a difference in combatting the virus. I’m proud to be part of a company which takes full responsibility for the society and community it’s a part” he says.

Furthermore, Grundfos employees in Ukraine have decided to help on their own initiative. Since the Corona outbreak in March, they have been raising funds for the purchase of high quality face masks and pulse oximeters that monitor heart rate and oxygen saturation of a patient’s blood.

“This admirable effort coming from our employees really shows how we all stand together in difficult times,” says József Jánvári.