Water has the power to change the world

Our purpose is to pioneer solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improve quality of life for people.​

We take our responsibility seriously, and commit to promoting greater respect and understanding of water around the world.​​
We protect water by minimising  waste, inefficiency, shortage, discomfort and inaccessibility, wherever the flow of water is needed.​
We advance the flow of water through water system innovations as well as energy optimisations, with a focus on sustaining water´s flow now and into the future.​​

Our promise is to respect, protect and advance the flow of water​.


Our purpose is supported by six core values that embody who we are.

Every single day, our purpose and values guide us on how to act and behave.


Since our foundation all those years ago, sustainability has been at the core of everything we’ve done. We empower our people, reduce our footprint and enable responsible governance practices, ensuring that we always live up to our sustainability commitments and ambition of being recognised as a leader in sustainability. 

Open & trustworthy

We always try to talk the talk and walk the walk. Good or bad, our communication is always open and honest. Both with our people and the world around us. When the facts are there, we put them on the table – even if they’re unpleasant. It increases our credibility among our colleagues, partners and customers. 

Focused on people

At Grundfos, everyone matters. We believe in celebrating and valuing all our different backgrounds, cultures, experiences and perspectives. It boosts us not only as a business but also as a society. We’re a family of pioneers united by the flow of water, and we are all driven to unlock the possibility in every drop.  


Our main shareholder is the Poul Due Jensen Foundation. Poul Due Jensen founded the foundation in 1975 as he wanted to make sure that his company continued to serve society for many generations to come. This unique ownership culture allows us to maintain a high degree of independence and a long-term perspective that ensures a healthy financial foundation. 


It’s through the power of collaboration that we can achieve our greatest goals. Strategic partnerships, memberships and sponsorships all help us to make an impact on the water and energy agenda. Together, we can find solutions to the world’s water challenges. 

Relentlessly ambitious

Innovation is a driving force behind our success, and it’s been the cornerstone of our company ever since we were founded. We draw confidence from our heritage, and our can-do spirit enables us to see solutions where others see problems. It’s a level of optimism we’ve earned over 75 years of success, and it continues to drive us today. 

Moving the limits with our customers

Together, we achieve more. Whether that is by moving water to the smallest villages or highest skyscrapers, treating and reusing our water, efficiently heating or cooling our homes and offices or providing a reliable flow of water. Having shared ambitions drives us to constantly challenge what is possible in search of unsurpassed reliability, reduced footprints and increased performance.