New MULTILIFT sends Grundfos up on top

The name has not changed but with the new MULTILIFT Grundfos has taken a giant leap. With a wide range of features the lifting station will be one of the leading products in the market.

- The launch of the new MULTILIFT forms part of our strategy to make a targeted effort to win a greater market share within the area of lifting stations, Group Vice President Jens Lübeck Johansen says and continues:

- With several extended versions  within the MULTILIFT product range, we now have a wide product range within our product portfolio of lifting stations, and this is very important to our customers.

Perfect solution for several purposes
A lifting station pumps wastewater from toilet and bathing facilities in a basement, for example, to the nearest sewer or septic tank. There are several advantages of installing a MULTILIFT in the basement when constructing or renovating large buildings. For example, the closed system ensures that flash floods will not occur in case of cloudburst, Program Manager Ralf Schomäcker explains.

- With MULTILIFT, there is no need for expensive piping on the outside of the building deep in the ground as the wastewater is lifted up and pumped away, he says.

Ralf Schomäcker emphasises that another great advantage of the new MULTILIFT is that it requires less maintenance and servicing has become easier and simpler than previously.

Unique product with great features
Installation of the lifting station has been made as a plug-and-play solution, where the fitter uses a flexible inlet to install the product, irrespective of the location of the drainage pipes.
The level detector ensures constant surveillance of the level in the tank, while the intelligent control panel makes the installation, operation and maintenance of MULTILIFT easier.
The unique tank design also ensures that it does not get blocked and thus, it is not necessary to clean the tank as often as before.

- Easy installation, new level detector, new control panel with the new design of the tank make the product very special. I am proud that the upgraded MULTILIFT now allows us to offer our customers a unique product, says Ralf Schomäcker.

The new MULTILIFT will be released for sale on the 17th of July.