The handball wave is rolling again

During the coming weeks, the Men’s Handball World Championship will be decided in arenas in Denmark and Germany. While some of the game’s finest performers fight for the prestigious title in the arenas, and thousands of excited spectators cheer them on, we use our sponsorship to give attention to the UN’s Global Goals 6 and 13. They are about ensuring universal access to water and sanitation and combatting climate change.

One initiative, spearheaded by us, is a wave to create more attention to the goals.

They will come alive in arenas when goals number 6 and 13 are scored. We also encourage everyone else to help us power the wave and let their own splashes on social media using the hashtag #goal6and13.

“In addition to the handball player’s artistic goals, we are happy about our possibility to create attention around the decisive Global Goals. Handball spectators are great at creating a party on the sidelines and we are certain their enthusiasm can help give more power and attention to the goals,” says Frank B. Winther, Director in Grundfos Group Communication.

We are also giving spectators, fans and all others an opportunity to win a signed World Cup handball, or join the fight for clean water and climate by donating to our employee programme, Water2Life.