Unity Studios and Grundfos win prestigious German Design Award

A new Mixed Reality Remote Support application, developed by Unity Studios for Grundfos, has been rewarded the winner’s prize in the German Design Awards 2019. The German Design Awards, by the German Design Council, are among the most prestigious design competitions worldwide and enjoy an excellent reputation far beyond specialist circles.

"We are on an amazing journey where we are shaping the future of collaboration. Together with Grundfos we are taking communication to a new level, that is not only creating value by shortening downtime and better faster troubleshooting and decisions making but is also contributing to a better climate due to less traveling. The award goes to our partnership and team," says Mads Troelsgaard, CEO, Unity Studios.

Christian Carlsson, Lead Consultant, Grundfos, adds:

"The Grundfos Remote Mixed Reality Support concept was created through an iterative process involving Grundfos domain expertise, paying customers, and a strategic partner. The future is already here, and we are working on it."

The Mixed Reality solution, which earlier this year won a Danish Design Award, emphasizes a combination of multiple technologies such as Mixed Reality and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and aims to offer AI assistance, real-time data and remote technical support to on-site technicians using a Microsoft HoloLens. The solution enables an on-site technician to receive remote support from a remote expert, who is located anywhere in the world.

“I just think it’s so amazing that we now know how to build solutions like this. We can combine data driven and symbolic AI in a great way - and if we had a better data foundation, we would be able to produce solutions like this for scale in a very short time. Now is the time for Grundfos to get the data side of things right,” says Thomas Asger Hansen, Senior Manager, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, Grundfos.