We serve you all

From installers to distributors, engineers to system builders, facility managers to operations managers, technical directors to contractors, and service providers to homeowners.

No matter who you are, every single one of your projects is unique. However, one thing unites you: you want state-of-the-art solutions that you can rely on. That’s why we take the time to understand your specific requirements and then work with you to plan the most efficient way to meet them. Dependable and reliable solutions. Dependable and reliable partners. 

We have a great responsibility not only to you but also to the environment. That’s why we consider the environment one of our most important customers. Energy and water pose some of the world’s most significant environmental challenges. Our solutions help to combat these challenges and shape the future. And when you use them, everything comes together. It’s a real team effort. 

Our founder Poul Due Jensen once said, “the world is full of problems that can be solved in a better way.” It is a quote that has shaped who we are and how we approach the world. Where some see problems, we see possibilities, possibilities to make a positive and lasting change. Making a difference in ways big and small.  

Customer Experience Management

In Grundfos, we measure customer experience and satisfaction in order to understand what is going well and what we can improve to meet our customers’ needs. Grundfos runs the two global customer experience management programs:  Customer Pulse and ECSS (External Customer Satisfaction Survey).

For both programs, Grundfos has implemented a follow-up process in order to improve the specific interactions. Instant follow-up is done with dissatisfied customers. The survey results are also monitored thoroughly to understand customer pain points, identify their root causes and make improvement initiatives both at a specific and general level.  

Customer satisfaction is anchored in the Grundfos 2025 strategy as one out of six strategic KPIs. Measuring customer experience and satisfaction has been a top priority for Grundfos for many years, and it will remain a top priority in the future.  

Customer Pulse 

Grundfos introduced customer pulse in 2018 to be able to react faster and improve specific customer interactions throughout the customer journey. The intent is to measure either ‘overall customer satisfaction’ or ‘ease of doing business with’. Sales and service visits, quotations, information requests, Grundfos Product Center or Extranet (purchasing portal) are examples of touchpoints where Grundfos gets instant customer feedback. 

The annual relationship survey - ECSS

For more than 30 years, Grundfos has run an annual External Customer Satisfaction Survey, ECSS, to get feedback on key processes and understand what drives customer loyalty and satisfaction.