Introducing Grundfos COMFORT with AUTOADAPT

Meet the Grundfos COMFORT with AUTOADAPT and find out what it offers.

We have all tried to wait for hot water.  And not only is that a discomfort
but it also leads to a lot of clean drinking water being lost as wastewater every day – year in and year out.

Now you can avoid that by replacing your single-string hot water supply with a two-string loop with a circulator pump. In this way, you will experience the joy of instant hot water while also saving lots of water.

But be careful to choose the right circulator pump. A pump running round the clock can negate the water savings by increased power costs and heat losses from the pipes.

Here, Grundfos COMFORT with AUTOADAPT is the ideal choice. Not only is it compact, quiet, has a low-energy motor and is easily installed, it also comes with a unique AUTOADAPT function.  Using its two temperature sensors, one built-in and one external, the pump is able to learn and adapt to the hot water consumption pattern of the household. This means that Grundfos COMFORT will start circulating hot water from a learned pattern just before you need it.

So, while you still enjoy the comfort of instant hot water the Grundfos COMFORT pump will be stopped when not needed, minimising power consumption and heat losses from the pipes.

Let's look into the savings you get by choosing Grundfos COMFORT.

As mentioned earlier, a hot water two-string circulation system will save a lot of water. A typical example is a family of three living in a household with a conventional one-string system. They pour up to 16,000 litres of clean water straight down the drain every year while waiting for hot water. Because COMFORT with AUTOADAPT runs only an average of 3 hours a day to serve a typical household with instant hot water, electrical energy savings of up to 96% are easily within reach compared to a pump that runs continuously.In addition, when using COMFORT with AUTOADAPT, heat energy savings will be around 48%, due to a reduction in heat radiation loss from the pipe. This waste of heat energy actually forms the biggest part of your customers’ energy balance.

Let’s recap:
Grundfos COMFORT is a compact, noiseless and easily installed circulator pump. And with the AUTODAPT function, Grundfos COMFORT also saves water,  electrical energy and heat.

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