Going beyond expectations to meet water challenges

Our extra-large CR pumps are not alone in meeting the challenges of water when under pressure, so we looked to the world of big wave surfing to see how big wave surfers seek inspiration, aspire to excellence and build authenticity to meet their water challenges. We followed Joana Andrade, one of the best professional big wave surfers on the circuit and one of the few who dare to challenge big waves that peak at 25 to 30 meters.

Our largest CR pump copes with pressure up to 40 bar, equalling a head of about 400 meters, and can pump up to 320 m3/h, creating an incredibly powerful flow of water for industrial water treatment, utilities and processes.

Inspired by Joana’s passion for challenging big waves, we will continue to move the limits beyond the expected. For Joana Andrade, facing extreme challenges on the water, surfing has added another dimension to her life. Surfing big waves pushes her physical and mental discipline to the limits. Striving to be in the moment as she approaches and rides the wave, Joana moves the limits of her performance beyond the expected. Watch the film to see the passion we share for the flow of water.


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