The world is running out of water

INTO DUST is a film about the global water crisis. It focuses on Perween Rahman, who fought for justice and sacrificed everything for our water. Take a step INTO DUST and discover Perween’s story.

INTO DUST tells a story that needs to be told

INTO DUST focuses on the global water crisis. The film, which is based on a true story, is brought to you by the Grundfos Foundation in association with Academy Award-winning director Orlando von Einsiedel. It’s the story of an inspirational heroine who sacrificed everything for our water, but it also focuses on water challenges in Pakistan and around the globe. As a leading water solutions provider, we see it as our obligation to contribute to overcoming these challenges.

Grundfos develops intelligent solutions and celebrates those who take action #FOROURWATER.

Behind the scenes of

The Grundfos Foundation is the proud sponsor of INTO DUST. Go behind the scenes in Karachi, Pakistan, and see how the film came together.

Explore the global water crisis

Want to learn more about the global water challenges? Head to to discover the severity of these challenges, and find out just who Perween Rahman was and why she leaves such a huge legacy.

Take a step INTO DUST

Step into the city of Karachi and see how water scarcity can affect a city and a community with these unique point-of-view shots.

INTO DUST celebrates the story of Perween Rahman, an inspiring woman who stood up and sacrificed everything for our water. She took it upon herself to end water corruption in her community and bring water back to the people. Tragically, her fight got her killed. But her legacy lives on and continues to provide her community with clean water. It’s a story that needs to be told.

Helping Pakistan’s poorest

Perween Rahman worked for the NGO Orangi Pilot Project, where she fought to bring clean and safe water to her people. The Grundfos Foundation is proud to fund the extension of sanitation and water models in cities across Pakistan.

INTO DUST: A city running out of water

INTO DUST is a film about what can happen when a city runs out of water. It’s a true story that needs to be told.

Access to clean water is a basic human right

According to the UN, millions of people lack access to clean water. Our ambition is to change this.

Overcoming global water challenges

The world is facing huge water challenges.
But solutions are available.

Take a stand #ForOurWater

More and more people are taking action #FOROURWATER.
Their stories need to be told.

More than ever, people are coming together to take a stand for our water. To overcome the world’s water challenges, people are implementing intelligent solutions, achieving great results and inspiring the world with their stories. Together, we can make a difference.

Solutions for cities

The world’s cities are rapidly expanding, placing severe pressure on our water supply. But solutions are available to keep our cities’ water flowing efficiently. Be inspired by those who take action for our cities.

Solutions for industries

80% of all industrial wastewater returns to the environment untreated. Intelligent wastewater treatment solutions are available, helping all kinds of industries to conduct proper wastewater treatment and even reuse water for multiple purposes.

Solutions for buildings

Increasing urbanisation is a major contributor to the world’s growing energy consumption. But inside most commercial buildings lie huge energy savings. Explore our intelligent energy-optimising solutions and join us in celebrating those who fight climate change.

Water challenges are both
global and local

While INTO DUST focuses on water challenges in Karachi, it acts as a lens to look at water scarcity around the globe.
Check out the map to see which major cities are expected to experience high levels of water stress by 2030 unless we take action.

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London, England

The city is pushing close to capacity and is expected to have serious water shortages by 2040.

Istanbul, Turkey

In 2014, the city’s reservoir levels declined to less than 30%.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

At the height of the water crisis, the city’s 21.7 million inhabitants had less than 20 days of water supply. 

Jakarta, Indonesia

This coastal city faces the threat of rising sea levels caused by climate change.

Beijing, China

Nearly 40% of Beijing’s surface water is too polluted for use.

Los Angeles, USA

Imported water makes up 80% of the city’s total water use.

Bangalore, India

Rapid technological and economic growth means that the plumbing and sewage system can’t keep up.

Moscow, Russia

Russia’s cities are still suffering from not-so-environmentally friendly revolutions in the Soviet era.

Miami, USA

Miami is another coastal city facing the threat of rising sea levels.

Guangzhou, China

The city produced 1.6 billion tons of wastewater in 2015, causing pollution of its natural water sources.

Cairo, Egypt 

The city’s water supply largely depends on the Nile, which is being polluted more than ever.

Mexico City, Mexico

The city imports 40% of its water from distant sources, while bad pipe networks cause estimated water losses of 40%.

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Overcoming water challenges

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