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Water supply systems in zones

Water supply systems divided into water supply zones are used to gain optimum user comfort in water supply and water distribution applications. These are typically found in high-rise buildings and hilly landscapes.

Splitting the water supply system into zones is necessary to ensure that

  • Water pressure does not vary excessively from one floor to another
  • The minimum pressure on the upper floor in each zone does not fall below 1.5 - 2 bar 
  • The maximum pressure on the lowest floor in each zone does not exceed 4 - 4.5 bar 

System layout can be with:

  1. All booster systems placed in the basement. Boosting takes place up in the building. 
  2. Cascade booster system layout. One booster in the basement supplies all the water up to zone 1, where a second booster will boost up to zone 2, etc. 
  3. In combination with a roof tank. A booster on the roof top increases pressure for the 3-4 uppermost floors. The rest of the building is served by gravity.

Use the Grundfos sizing tool to configure water supply zones in domestic water pressure systems.

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