Grundfos Foundation donates DKK 15million to relief efforts

At Grundfos and the Grundfos Foundation we are deeply saddened and concerned about the events unfolding in Ukraine. We are committed to do our part engaging in relief efforts to support people in Ukraine and those who have been forced to flee to neighbouring countries.

"We are witnessing a terrible tragedy and a shocking nightmare. If we can find any hope in this situation, it is that there is massive support and funds for emergency aid from the world community. We choose to set aside at least DKK 15 million for direct emergency aid providing medical care and helping the refugees. We will direct these funds through organisations and local initiatives that are on the ground, know the needs, and can provide the most effective help to the victims in Ukraine and refugees in the neighbouring countries”, says the Foundation’s Executive Director Kim Nøhr Skibsted.

We are following the situation in and around Ukraine very closely and will be ready to fund more initiatives.


Grundfos colleagues can also do their bit to help

Initiatives that could come from Grundfos colleagues. Every year, Grundfos colleagues can apply for funding - Community Engagement grants – to support their local communities.

“The Community Engagement grants are designed to support our local Grundfos companies collaborating with NGOs and other initiatives to address challenges in their communities. As a result of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, communities in Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Moldova face massive challenges as they work to support large numbers of incoming refugees. We urge colleagues to engage with local NGOs who know what help is needed right away and who can deliver that help on the ground,” says Kim Nøhr Skibsted, adding: “We are working on fast-tracking the process for incoming grants applications from and around Ukraine, with the aim to approve and expedite grants within weeks instead of months.”

The Community Engagement grants will support charities and organisations focused on providing medical aid, food, and shelter to those affected by the crisis.