We're excited to announce the extention of the SQ Flex range with 3 new models

Built with high quality stainless steel, the new range has been designed to handle harsh conditions.

Compatible with SolarGenerator or AC power, the SQFLex range is the perfect solution for rural Stock Watering.

Looking for low maintenance off-grid pumping?

To access water off-grid, forget diesel - think Grundfos Solar!
A Grundfos Solar Pumping solution is easy to install, practically zero maintenance and can pay for itself in 3 years. So, to build drought resilience for years to come, go with a Grundfos Solar Pumping solutions.

Solar is up to 4 x cheaper than diesel

A Grundfos Solar Pumping Solution is up to 4 x cheaper than a diesel
generator powered pump over the first 10 years of operation!

Don't get caught our paying for unecessary running and maintenance costs.

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