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40 - SCALA2 water booster pump

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Q: What does the integrated sensor of the SCALA2 measure?
A: The water pressure delivered by the pump to the taps
Q: What is the main purpose of the SCALA2?
A: To provide constant water pressure in all taps of a home
Q: How do you check the water pressure after installing the SCALA2?
A: Turn on the shower. If the home has two or more showers, then check the one furthest from the SCALA2
Q: Is SCALA2 fit for outdoor installation?
A: Yes, but it must be protected against frost
Q: Is SCALA2 able to boost water from a depth of below 6 metres?
A: Yes, the maximum depth is 8 m, but you might need to re-prime the pump
Q: How do you ensure the most quiet pump installation?
A: Add rubber feet and fixate piping to minimise vibrations