Hidronik sistemler ile HVAC enerji tüketimi nasıl azalır?

Bu modülde, soğutma ve ısıtma için hidronik sistemlerin iç mekan iklimini, kişisel konforu ve çalışma verimini iyileştirmenize nasıl yardımcı olduğu hakkında daha fazla bilgi vereceğiz. %35'e varan enerji verimliliğini nasıl elde edebileceğinizi de öğreneceksiniz.

Did you know that a full-scale side-by-side comparison of an air-based VAV, or forced air, cooling system, and a hydronic, or radiant, cooling system showed that the hydronic system was 35% more energy efficient?

The installation costs of the hydronic system also proved to be slightly lower than the air-based system.

For one of India’s very large software companies, the side-by-side implementation in full scale documented that cooling its buildings while at same time reducing energy consumption and creating a better working environment could be achieved. Occupant surveys showed that the office staff experienced a clearly improved working environment.  
In this module, we will give you more knowledge about how hydronic systems for cooling and heating help you improve indoor climate, personal comfort, work efficiency and energy efficiency.

Our example shows how the standard measure of a good indoor climate can be met, to counter the ways an air-based VAV, or forced air, system often compromises the indoor climate with dissatisfied and less productive staff, and the risk of significant energy overspending of up to 50% for cooling or heating of a building.

Hydronic systems significantly reduce the large air requirement needed by air-based VAV systems, because water, and not air, is utilised for cooling or heating energy transportation and distribution.

The result is:
- improved indoor climate conditions;
- better occupant comfort and satisfaction;
- and improved work efficiency.

In addition, you get:
- Reduced capital costs as construction costs for hydronic systems are lower;
- Savings of 35% on energy cost within a short time horizon; and,
- A faster return on your investment compared to air-based systems.

Cooling and heating systems should always be operated in the most efficient way.

Grundfos pumps, controllers and drives enable efficient and reliable operation of hydronic heating and cooling systems with intelligent and connected products.
Grundfos products not only provide load adaptive pump performance but also ensure that pumps and controllers may be monitored and operated remotely via your own BMS system.

That concludes this module about hydronic systems, where we have looked at how water based hydronic HVAC systems with the most efficient pumps, controllers and drives:
- improve indoor climate, personal comfort, work efficiency; and
- increase your system’s energy efficiency compared to air based VAV systems.

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