Entegre HVAC çözümleri bina performansını nasıl arttırır?

Bu modülde, HVAC sisteminizin performansını optimize etme ve verimliliği arttırmak için çözümler bulma konusunda daha fazla bilgi vereceğiz. Grundfos MIXIT karıştırma devresi sisteminin kurulumunun, diğer geleneksel çözümlere göre %25'e varan oranda daha uygun maliyetli olabileceğini öğreneceksiniz.

Did you know that nearly all commercial buildings fail to deliver the carbon emissions performance that was asked for and only 2% of new commercial buildings have a performance that match the design estimate?

Any company that has ever undertaken building projects knows they almost always take longer and cost more than expected, and there is a great risk that building services do not perform as expected.

The consequence might be that building services need to be adjusted and optimised after the building is taken into use.
In this module, we will give you more knowledge and background about optimising your HVAC system performance and finding solutions to improve efficiency.

Building efficiency and performance is a key measure for almost any building. Commercial buildings must perform well for their entire lifetime. Therefore, HVAC systems must be designed, installed and put into operation according to best practices and with the most efficient technology.
With increasing focus on energy efficiency and compliance to regulations, HVAC systems must be continuously optimised to keep down costs, resource consumption and emissions. These issues are recognised by everyone who works with the design, installation and operation of commercial buildings.
But first, let’s discuss one of the challenges that we have identified as important for increasing performance of building services, which is the complexity and time required to select and size components.
This task may not be performed properly because application design is complex, with potentially many different components from various suppliers. Furthermore, each component needs to be sized separately, and there needs to be a certain level of compatibility so that components in the application fit and work seamlessly together.
Construction of HVAC systems with components from multiple suppliers might prove difficult and not necessarily cost effective. It might also mean that new systems are not implemented, even though they might be more cost effective and energy efficient.
But what if you could eliminate the time-consuming and complex task of connecting stand-alone components?
Grundfos MIXIT integrated mixing loops enable you to skip purchase and handling time and the demanding assembly of separate components. They are pre-manufactured and factory tested, offering a plug and pump solution that works right after installation, which takes a minimum of time.

The MIXIT mixing loop solution optimises your HVAC system performance and improves efficiency. You gain a technical advantage where you can:
- Reduce time spent on selecting and sizing, because MIXIT substitutes more than 10 separate components;
- Choose from either a 2- and 3-way valve operation that is pressure independent;
- Reduce the risk involved when ensuring capability between system components and system quality;
- Reduce complexity with Grundfos as the full-service provider and point of contact; and,
- Ensure quality and proof of performance with factory-tested components.

Utilising the considerable savings available from the Grundfos MIXIT solution, you get:
- Up to 20% less time spent on selecting and sizing; and,
- Up to 25% more cost effective than other traditional solutions.
That concludes this module about optimising HVAC system performance to improve building efficiency.

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