Grundfos GO Solar App

Simply size and select a solar pump from your mobile device

A solar sizing and selection tool in the palm of your hands

With the Grundfos GO Solar app, you get quick and easy pump sizing regardless of your location,  internet connection or application needs.

Use the Grundfos GO Solar App to size in three different ways...

Size by a pump you have in stock or on the job

Scan the pump’s barcode and use the app to determine if it will meet the requirements of your application. 

View the pump’s head and flow capabilities, and the estimated number of solar panels needed for operation based on the application’s geolocation.

Size by the number of solar panels 

Use the app to estimate which pumps will be able to meet  head and flow requirements based on the power available.

Size by application requirements

This includes head and flow based on data such as well depth, pumping distance and location. The app will then provide a list of appropriate pump models and an estimate of the number of solar panels needed for the application.

Why use the GO Solar App?

The Grundfos GO Solar app is able to size a solar system that fits your needs. You can also calculate water demand effortlessly, select a product quickly without spreadsheets and access your sizing archive on all your devices.