Energize tomorrow

Unleashing the potential for energy efficiency in HVAC and water systems in commercial buildings

Energize tomorrow

We need to speed up the green transition, and to do that, we're putting the spotlight on commercial buildings. Buildings account for a third of the world's energy consumption - and in many cases, their energy use is not optimised. It's time to change that.

Join us for an inspiring virtual experience focused on optimising energy use in commercial buildings and help shape a future where we can get the best of both worlds: comfortable and energy-efficient buildings.

Whether you're a building owner, energy manager, sustainability professional, or simply interested in learning more about energy efficiency, this is for you. Wherever you check in from, you’ll get a tailored look at the solutions that can help you tackle energy waste in HVAC and water system in commercial buildings.

Our speaker line-up included:

Bent Jensen

CEO, Commercial building services

Anne Grønbjerg

Vice President, Head of Solutions & Marketing, Commercial building services

Kim Jensen

Senior Vice President, Head of sales, Commercial building services

方勇 (Yung Fong)

格兰富商业建筑事业部 中国区总经理