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Meet Katrine – our ‘doctor’ for the machines

Katrine Mosbech Søndergaard, Maintenance Technician 


Who am I

While working a temporary job at Grundfos’ electronics plant, I found it interesting to watch the employees maintaining the machines in the factory. Just like that, I realised that I wanted to be an Automatic Technician and applied for an apprenticeship at Grundfos.

I finished my degree after being a trainee for 4 years and was luckily offered the opportunity to transition my student position into a full-time job as a Line Technician. After 8 years at Grundfos, I’m today working as a Maintenance Technician, while mentoring trainees with responsibility for their professional and personal development during their apprenticeship at Grundfos.

How I make a difference

As a Maintenance Technician, you work with a lot of different machines. The main part is to repair the ones that are broken in terms of both mechanical and electronic errors, but I also make programme modifications or optimisations of the machines. In my everyday work, I definitely feel like I’m contributing by making sure the machines are running smoothly. If the machines are not functioning, our pumps cannot be produced, so it’s my responsibility to keep production running. Basically, I’m like a doctor for the machines. And in that way, my job becomes an important piece of the Grundfos puzzle.

Grundfos is the land of possibilities. It holds all the opportunities that you could dream of. As long as you are being passionate and show interest, you are in good hands.
Katrine Mosbech Søndergaard

Soft and hard skills

What I love about my job is the variety and contrast that it offers. On the one hand, I’m working with new technologies that are constantly changing, and getting dirty in production repairing everything from huge pressing machines to tiny electronic devices. On the other hand, I have the honour of guiding young trainees during their education, and it is amazing to contribute to their development and see how they grow over the years.

I really appreciate the versatility as I get to combine my soft and hard skills and utilise both in my everyday work. And that’s the great thing about Grundfos – there are always more possibilities to explore if you ever feel like trying something different. 


What drives me

My colleagues. It’s always such a pleasure coming to work because no matter what the day brings, you know that you can get a hug or a funny joke if needed. We are there for each other and there is room for everyone. As a woman in a male-dominated field, I was a bit worried if I had to prove myself more than my male colleagues, but I never felt excluded or treated differently. We are all on equal terms – no matter your looks, gender, age, or length of service. 

Fun fact

It’s quite difficult to pick one! I have had more than 50 piercings in total. I once studied to become a zookeeper. And at the age of 21, I bought my first American car – a Ford Galaxie 500 from 1964. 

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