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Meet Laimonas – our customer-oriented developer

Laimonas Ignas Bendikas, Software Development Engineer


Who am I

I have a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and a Master in Computer Engineering. I have always had an interest in Grundfos but it was especially sparked in high school when my class went on an excursion and had the opportunity to see what Grundfos actually do. After that day, I remember thinking, when I figure out what I want to do as a grown-up, I want to do it here. And I made it because after finishing my studies in 2020, I joined Grundfos and have since been part of the DBS software HVAC team working as a Software Development Engineer. 

It’s kind of like getting a warm hug from a loved one. That’s what being part of this working culture feels like.
Laimonas Ignas Bendikas

A unique working culture

There is a spot for everyone here. Everyone with any kind of background or expertise. I have never really experienced anything like this before where everyone is so friendly and sincere. People in Grundfos have such a vast capacity to make space for each other and appreciate and respect different cultures and personalities. The working culture at Grundfos is really difficult to put into words –  you have to experience it yourself. But what’s truly unique is that everyone has the same vision which creates an amazing feeling of being united. 


How I make a difference

The cool thing about software is that nothing is fixed and there’s no set solution. You can build a software feature in so many ways, and then you can start to optimise your code to make it smaller, faster, and better. And that is basically what we are doing in my team. We work with the small circulator pumps, which means that there are very tight restrictions on how much software we can put in the devices. But every single line of code that I develop makes the pumps function and hopefully in a more efficient way than before. Because of that, you instantly have hot water coming out of the tap at home, which makes the customer happy. This really corresponds with our brand promise ‘Possibility in every drop’, which becomes purposeful in different ways in each department. In this case, I truly believe that there is possibility in every line of code. 


Freedom with responsibility

The best way to describe my job is probably “freedom with responsibility”, which is a great motivational factor for me. I work in an agile team where I have the opportunity to create my own agenda for the day. In general, we have the freedom to do what we feel is the best for ourselves in terms of working style, and with that, come up with solutions that we feel would be the best for our customers. That really drives me and gets me excited – together with my colleagues I can pioneer new innovative features to solve any problems.

Having the freedom and all of these opportunities is the perfect way to enable me to not be the best version of myself, but to do my best with what I have instead of limiting me. A great example of this is our Pioneering Fridays, where you get an entire day per month to explore new technologies or try out ideas. Personally, I developed a tool during these Fridays to solve an issue and to challenge myself, but now it has turned out to be integrated in our daily work. It’s fantastic how your ideas can come to life and make a difference like that. 

Fun fact

I speak four languages – Danish, English, Lithuanian and French. And I have a black belt in Aikido, which is a Japanese martial art. 

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